Open Source Solution Provider

Massive adoption of open source is giving the world a more innovative and cost-effective market. A shift towards it, that has a great potential in optimizing security and cost, can also be seen and is huge.


Techblue Software specializes in open source technologies and has been providing support and services for all major open source distributions in PAN India, UK, Europe, Australia, and the US. With this decade long expertise in delivering quality, innovative and intuitive software, consultancy and support, we are one of the “10 recommended open source solution provider 2019”

“Vik Tara, MD at Techblue Software was being interviewed
by CIO Insider Team last month where he shared his views on
the FOSS Revolution in India and how TBS is inclined
to bridge the gap between the Corporates and Communities.”

To read the detailed and exclusive interview, click here.



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