Techblue Software contributed towards Eco-development CSR initiative for a noble cause!!

Techblue Software, specialists in open source solutions, believes in the benefits of the open source community approach for social good, as well as expert I.T.

The Open Source approach is more of a decentralized model of production and more secure with quick access to larger community support.

While Techblue ensures that the internal health of the company is in the pink, we also contribute to social and economic development in the society at large through our focus on ethical and social causes.

Employee Health check-ups, Van Mahotsav Week, and Women’s Day celebrations are some key ways of ensuring employees’ joy, and the satisfaction of contributing to the benefit of society.

Recently, Techblue helped an NGO support their cause of eco-development by helping them go stress-free technology wise. Here is the snippet…

Keystone Foundation is a non-profit organisation working to enhance the Quality of Life and the Environment using Eco-development Approaches.

At last year’s Hamara Linux (The Indian Operating System) Conference in Delhi, Keystone Foundation approached Techblue Software engineers for some Technical Support.

At that time, Keystone Foundation was dependent on local technical support and were facing troubles with their (paid) Windows File Server.

Techblue Software extended their help in completely revolutionizing the IT systems at Keystone by offering Open Source Solutions that were license free and were deployed by their engineers for the noble cause.

Our contribution towards the Eco-development Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by helping Keystone Foundation with their technology by putting together open source solutions to serve their day-to-day needs made them go stress-free.

Migrating the Legacy Windows Server to Ubuntu Server Installation, free of cost, and completing the migration successfully was the key role played by Techblue Engineers.

Here is what Keystone Foundation have to say in return: “We are grateful to the professional and competent team at Techblue who have been supportive and understanding of our challenges and put together open source solutions to meet our needs. Techblue has been a lifesaver for us. We are also trying out the Hamara Linux distro and it is quite impressive.”

Techblue Software I.T. Director, Amardeep Singh, summed up our approach to CSR: “Here at Techblue we believe that technology should serve society. We are always happy to give our support for social causes, either through professional services or volunteering. Our support of Hamara Linux, both as contributors to the Open Source community and through business-grade service contracts, is part of that passion.”

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