Being a part of Outsourcing Team for more than five years, I have found that the management culture at TBS values and rewards a diffusion of responsibilities, lucidity and working together with peers. This culture plays an important role in the success of the company.

TBS believes in giving freedom to its employees to contribute and implement their own ideas. The management concentrates on the happiness of the employees while ensuring high productivity. Great opportunities are given to the employees from time to time to learn and volunteer themselves in different areas.

The culture at Techblue is not like a typical corporate culture, it is unique. Honesty, loyalty and commitment is encouraged, rewarded and celebrated in employees. There are wider career opportunities for women in technical and non-technical fields at TBS. One can find women in all the departments here.

The infrastructure of the company is designed to stimulate the development of the company and interaction between clients, management and employees. The conference rooms, cafeteria and work stations are well constructed and comfortable. Employees have facilities to chill out and relax through Video games, Free Wifi, Chess, Carom, Cricket etc.

The Annual trip is the best part of TBS that no one can afford to miss – a social event with team building activities and unparalleled opportunities to mingle and socialize with other teams, management, and the C-suite.

Life is good at TBS, a company where you are continuously learning something and evolving into a better person.

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