Our specialist TBS VoIP solution allows you to make phone calls over the internet and avoid paying huge telephone bills.

These days, Indian companies have been serving organizations around the world, enabling them to maximize their profits by managing the setup cost effectively. Beyond the bottom line, you have many reasons to have an in-house Asterisk PBX supplied by TBS, like:

  • Open Source Software: Does not need any proprietary telephones to get started. One can take the benefits of VoIP systems, without paying any license fees. This does not mean that the TBS VoIP systems are completely free as it requires a server and hardware to run however it is a low cost and independent option. Techblue Software offers paid support in case of any assistance required.
  • Customization: IP based phone systems can be easily integrated into different applications that are crucial for modern business. Integrating VoIP with your CRM system, for example, delivers many benefits: you save time, increase efficiency, personalize your customer care, and Customer Data Management becomes easy. Techblue Software can easily integrate the VoIP and CRM system and help the businesses save time and money.
  • Multi-Functional: Along with phone calls, conference calls can be made as well which saves time spent visiting the client’s site to have a simple discussion. Techblue Software has been using these amazing features internally too.
  • User Control Interface: Having a user control interface is another reason to use Asterisk-based VoIP solution. It allows the user to record the calls, forward or hold the calls, speed dial, leave or access the voicemails, and so on. Techblue Software is helping the clients avail these benefits at minimal costs.

Whether it is a new startup or an existing business, Asterisk is best to create a VoIP system for your office. Then why to pay for proprietary phone systems? Know more : TBS VoIP

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