The work culture & ethics of TBS are completely represented by 4 of the most basic, simple and effective words, “Listen, Read, Learn & Grow”.

I believe, to make bright and rock-solid future it is mandatory to have a solid base/roots, and I have found these basic things represent the work culture/ethics in TBS: these 4 words are easily traceable in each tier of all departments & these 4 words/phrases are the ones which convert our simple beliefs into a remarkable future.

We all know a very famous idiom – “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Similarly, in the last decade TBS has successfully challenged my professional skill sets to achieve milestones which I consider to be the best part of my tenure so far, challenges which were met by all members of TBS working day & night, without any stress and with maximum professionalism. The basis for this work ethic and success: a simple work jargon – “Listen, Read, Learn & Grow”.

Not to forget or hide from the fact that one of the best modes of adapting and implementing these 4 basic words is learning from long term employees in TBS. Above all I have seen the crucial point for all long term employees is back-up from all of their colleagues: we play a very critical role in success by working together to meet both day to day and exceptional challenges. The resulting best outcomes are due to the culture instilled in us of dedication, zeal and love towards the work, and our mentors, managers and higher management.

Throughout my tenure period, I have seen these 4 very basic words in place from Top most level of the hierarchy to the starting level of TBS hierarchy, which makes all the members, regardless of their tier level, fit in and give their best to Listen from higher tier members, Read/research that approach, and Learn/apply it in their daily work/projects. Finally, as a outcome, Growth is achieved for the organisation and for its valuable members from all tier levels.

From my experience being a part of this organisation I would recommend anyone who is reading this blog to follow the basic, simple, and effective words, as it will really help to widen your professional strengths.

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